What does the word creativity mean to you?

Is it important for you to do things in your own way?

You know how it is. You are longing for the life that is your own. To feel alive, as yourself, your essence.


Bills need to be paid, the dishes taken care of, the car needs to be serviced. And you’re interrupted. All. The. Time.


social media,



being a good human.

Sometimes it may feel like you’re head space is already filled, ninety minutes after waking.

Who has time to paint?


Stare into space, listening to music?

And yet.

In order to be able to be there for the people who need you, you need to take care of yourself.

If what you are longing for is the joy that starts bubbling forth when you’re involved in creative activity, you are in the right place.

This is where you find art, creativity and imagination.

I am Marie Mikkonen, visual artist and creativity coach.

I make art for sensitive and strong people, who long for heart nourishment and help people recognize their creativity, enjoy their creative processes and paint with joy. Read more here.