Starting out

In 2005 I founded my business, Crealife. At that time I had completed my education, or better said, all the different aspects of it. After I had gotten my Bachelor of Social Services, I went straight to art school. While I was becoming and educated visual artist, I dived deep into the methodology of Expressive Arts Therapies, during three years of study. To finish up with, I completed a degree in Life Coaching and started my own business. Little did I know, that was just the beginning.

Learning to be a business owner, artist and creativity coach

During the last twelve years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, in groups and one on one. During that time I have learned how creativity moves in our lives, lifts our hearts and what is needed, so we can find our true expression.

Of course, this is also what I have been learning, in apprenticeship to my own art. In the years of 2016-2017 I have also been learning about doing business in a way that feels aligned with my heart, at Heart of Business.

Why creativity, art and imagination?

I believe creativity is our birthright and that our hearts need creativity in order to remain healthy. What happens to many of us, though, is that we live in circumstances where it’s not safe to be creative. So, wise as we are, we hide it away from ourselves.

To see someone reclaim their creativity and awaken the connection to their core expression (whatever the medium) is something sacred for me.

Likewise, when a painting that has come through me finds a new home, it is magic.

To put all of this under the roof of one company, and articulating it so it is visible to others as well has been a worthwhile adventure.

And who am I, then?


Highly sensitive empath.

Gemstone aficionado.

I love quirky humor like 30Rock or the deep fantasy books that Robin Hobb writes. I like changing my appearance from the artist straight from the studio in paintsplattered overalls, to polished high heeled creativity coach, dragging my turquoise bag of paints, to baseball cap Taekwondo mom moving around Kallio with my kids.

It’s important to me to stand with my feet firmly on the ground, and my head in the clouds, allowing for the sweet medicine of dreams. What everything boils down to is always: How to create a good everyday life, sustainable, authentic, loving?

You can contact me by clicking on this link.