Last week I was called to take a role that I’m rarely comfortable with – one of clear strength in confrontation. The conversation went well. At the same time it took a lot of energy beforehand and after the discussion, to connect to guidance and love. While there was a definite need to be strong and clear in the talk, because of the dynamics involved, there was a great need for a connection to gentleness, for both parties.

This got me thinking about the power of art. One of the qualities of art, that my clients often comment on, is the space that opens up for all that they are. Good and bad melt away and a connection to essence becomes possible. This can be true regardless if you are the one creating the art, or enjoying the art.

When you are making art, this space opens up when you allow yourself room to play and enjoy. When you are enjoying art, this space opens up when you allow yourself to take in the art with all of your senses, prioritizing your own experience above the opinions of any outer experts (this includes the artist).

In this way, art can nourish you in your core, the deepest parts of who you are. When this connection, between you and your essence is nourished and open, taking on any challenge in your everyday life often becomes much easier.

I know many of us have a feeling that the multifaceted ways that our world is suffering right now gets to be too much. Different spaces of refuge are needed, so we can let our hearts rest. If you resonate with this, you may like to join my next exhibition and see eighteen paintings that are worked into pearlescent or rugged skins of self-compassion at Art Salon Piirto in Helsinki, Finland. The invitation is below. If you’re on the other side of the world, don’t worry, I will be publishing a book on this collection of paintings that will be available for sale in October.