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My artwork is divided into collections. Click “view collection” to find a short description, a slideshow of available work and when you scroll down, all the paintings in that collection.

Sustenance, 2017-

What kinds of sustenance do you need, to be all that you are in this world?


Skin of Self-Compassion, 2016-2017.

Imagine, if you could wear your self-compassion like a comfy skin, what would you feel like?

2015 - Dreammaker, heartbreaker.

What does living the truth of your dreams look like, from the inside out?

2012 - Embodying trust.

Is trust available even here?

2011 - The Unknown

What do you need, to have a relationship with the Unknown?

2010 - Power emerging.

Are you ready to open up to what is possible?

Freedom series. 2010-2016.

What kind of freedom is your heart longing for today?