My way of approaching art and creativity works because:


An awareness of the creative process. There are principles that work similarly, regardless of the type of activity that is the focus of creativity. You can be creative while engineering, photographing, marketing or writing a book and certain phenomena come up again and again. When you are aware of these, creating becomes much more fun.

Approaching your creation as a phenomenon. Traditionally we approach artwork or any creation intellectually. What is good, what is bad? This way of seeing a creation takes us out of the realm of imagination. I like to look at what was created as a phenomenon and approach it by experiencing it. What do you see when you look at it? Does it have a direction? Is it warm? Does it have levels? This engages both our body and our imagination and opens up a whole new level of awareness.

A safe space. When you create anything new, safety is vital. This safety in creating includes allowing emotions, thoughts and sensations to be as they are and a knowledge that whatever is created is welcome.

Learning to listen to impulses and choosing between them. When you allow your impulses to surface and learn to express them, you find a new way of creating, from the inside out. Later you learn to choose which impulses you want to express and which ones you are just aware of.

When you create this way, you reach a fresh way of expressing yourself. As you learn to trust yourself, through creating, expression becomes filled with ease and joy.