Creativity belongs to all of us

The basic principles

    • In general, all humans are creative, like all humans have the ability to love. As we grow, our access to our innate creativity may increase or decrease, depending on our experiences and how our environment supports us.

    • Creativity is often confused with being talented or being artistic. However, any activity can be done creatively. Simply put, our creativity enables us to do things in our own, unique way and find solutions that work practically. Ideally, creativity helps build a bridge between who we are essentially and the actions we take. This way we can let our particular view flow out into the world, making our essence visible.

    • Traditionally, some activities are seen as more creative than others. This is not true. You can approach any activity creatively. Engineering, photographing, marketing, cooking, raising children, running a business, management, leadership, writing a book. You name it.

    • The one thing that affects your creativity more than anything else, is your awareness and allowing. The more you are aware of being creative, the more creative you become.
    • When you act creatively, you enter a creative process. This process has stages. When you get to know your creative process, it fills with a new kind of ease.
    • Creativity combines two very different ways of understanding the world and channels this into action. This is easy to understand through a metaphor. Imagine two different sides of your self: Your rational mind and your imagination. In order for you to create with ease, these two need to work together. Your imagination is the one who brings information from your expanded self through dreams, intuition, visions, impulses, feelings and in many other ways. Your rational mind is the one who makes the budgets, builds structure, keeps the deadlines, plans and does many other things. Together, these two bring about actions and solutions that are both unique and practical.



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