Do any of the following scenarios seem familiar?


    • You have a big heart and your senses take in everything around you, often to the point of overwhelm.
    • You love your life. You’ve spent both time and effort in consciously choosing many parts of it. Yet, as you take care of all of your responsibilities, you find yourself getting more and more overwhelmed and depleted. You wonder where the magic disappeared to?
    • You know it’s important to care for yourself. You buy beautiful clothing, design your surroundings carefully, use services like massage or natural therapies and take care to eat consciously. Yet, despite the beauty, it feels like something is still missing.
    • When you walk into an art supply store, a hardware store, a fabric store or even a book store, you find yourself getting giddy with all the possibilities that surround you. Maybe you even have a stash of supplies at home and play with the idea of making yourself a craft corner, renting a studio, having your own garage… and then life gets in the way.

When you take action to nourish yourself, does this ever happen?

    • You go on meditation retreats, or meditate on your own and feel better afterward. Yet, there is something within you that is restless and wishes you could get the same benefits through actually doing something.
    • Sometimes you take an art class, and it feels wonderful to create. However, you wish there was more leeway for what you want to create, and the critiques leave you feeling hollow inside.
    • There are times that everything falls into place and you create something. You remember how much you love expression, how good it is for you and how centered you feel in yourself when you create in your own way. Yet, these times often end far too soon and are spread far too thin.

Last but not least, being creative is not always so easy when you’re highly sensitive

  • Maybe you have an array of inner voices, who keep judging what you do, so the actual creating becomes difficult.
  • Or you feel that everything is clear, and you’re excited, but other people don’t get what you are trying to say and when you try to explain, your joy disappears into a cloud of confusion.
  • Then there are times when everything goes along in flow and you’re enjoying yourself immensely, until in what seems like a split second, you’ve made a couple of mistakes and a surge of emotion makes you want to destroy everything you just did.
  • In your bleaker moments you wonder what’s the use of all of this writing, painting, singing, dancing, longing and all the music you buy.

It is possible to create with ease, and move at your own pace.

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Are you reading this, thinking “Well, but I’m not creative, so this doesn’t concern me”

It’s very common for people to equate creativity with activities like drawing, making crafts or singing, for instance, and decide that creativity just isn’t for them. However, because shaping our world is a basic need, the yearning to be creative and express ourselves in what we do often stays within us as a dull ache.

Sometimes there are moments in our early years when we have created something from our core and show it to a person whose opinion matters a lot to us. If that expression gets rejected, many of us firmly shut the door to creating, as a way of protecting our inner, tender parts.

I often meet people who have had this experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of wonderful paintings and drawings of purple trees, green skies, rainbow colored dogs and purple giraffes that have felt special to the one creating them. These masterpieces have been met with harsh criticism, judgment and sometimes they have even been torn to pieces by ignorant people in positions of authority.

This can be surprisingly painful. If it happened to you, I’m so so sorry.

I promise that your creativity is waiting for you, as is your very own way of expressing yourself. There are ways to find your way back to them. They belong to you.

My approach works for:

People who want to paint colors and their own images, in a meditative, restful way.

Small groups of people who want to do something interesting together.

People who have been to art school, or are studying right now, but feel blocked in their expression.

Highly sensitive people who struggle with overwhelm and strong emotions, and want to learn how to create their thing with ease.

Graphic designers, editors, musicians, or any artistic professionals who want to learn to let go of self-judgment and create without professional demands, in a relaxed way.

Highly sensitive people who need a place where they can express whatever they have inside, in a supportive, calm and accepting atmosphere.

My approach will work for you if you have the following values:

You want to be friends with your creativity and learn to connect to your core, and create from the inside out.

You are willing to feel all of your feelings and be sincere with your own experience.

You value kindness, warmth and authentic connection.

You are willing to treat art materials and tools with respect and care.