You want to do things in your own way.



Yet you feel stuck. You don’t know how to move forward. It’s difficult for you to feel connected to yourself. Sometimes you feel so frustrated, you just give up. You know you could do better.





You yearn for meaning, for that which makes your heart beat faster. You miss being excited about what you do.



You struggle with doubt. Are you ever going to find what you’re looking for? Are you always going to have to compromise your dream in order to survive?


You want to live a Good Life. Your very own.



Yet you feel a lot. How to deal with that? How to be your own self and still keep moving forward?


Creating can be an easily understood process, with clear phases, regardless of what you are bringing to life.

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Working with me benefits:

– People with an intense emotional life.

– Highly sensitive people.

– Creative professionals.

– People who think they aren’t creative, yet long to do things in their own way.

I have helped:

Business owners, engineers, software designers, musicians, graphic designers, stay at home parents, CEOs, editors, marketing professionals, among others.


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