Do you yearn to bring your creative ideas together?

Do you want to re-connect to your essence?

Would you like to express all that you are?

Find out how it works.

Working with me most benefits people who:

Love colors and feel them deeply.

Feel emotions intensely.

People who yearn to paint.

Professionals and stay at home parents who want to relax, yet get restless just sitting.

Busy people who want to forget about everything for a while.

Home owners and entrepeneurs who want their space to reflect their heartfelt vision.

I have helped:

People who wanted to free (or find) their creativity.

Highly sensitive people who wanted to learn to articulate their feelings and create what mattered most to them.

Women who wanted to find, recognize and express their most tender dreams.

Professionals who wanted to strengthen their creative expression.

Dreamers who needed a talisman for their vision.

Business owners who wanted their space energized with their highest vision.

My business Crealife stands for:


Everybody’s right to be creative in their chosen way.

Art as a human right.

Diversity. You are welcome as you are.

Space for all feelings.