The Beginning

It all started with a question by Ted Orland: Whom do you make art for? My answer was immediate: The Dreamers, those who dare wander the high hard roads and create their own lives.

It’s been my experience, that living my dreams sets me on a path to more aliveness. Very little has gone as I thought it would and I have had to be more courageous than I’ve ever thought possible. Often, instead of my original dream, I’ve gotten something completely different and much better.

Being a Dreamer has broken my heart open, has led me deep into the arms of my shadow, resistance and vulnerability. Into the core of my existence.

So for anyone out there with big dreams and the courage to work toward them every day, no matter how small the movement, you are in my heart and I salute your courage. We’re in this together and this art collection is dedicated to you. ♥


Fulfilling our dreams is for me the ultimate Zen koan in action. Instead of making our lives all easy and blissful, it requires that we become the fullest potential of ourselves. Dreaming presents us with our most restricting belief patterns, invites us to overcome our biggest fears and urges us to shine more brightly than we ever thought we could.

Which dreams are alive in your everyday life? Are you mourning dreams that never took flight? What would you do, if everything were possible?