Open art studio – for people who want to experience the joy of painting

Do you sometimes wish you had a space to paint, where you could just go straight to the canvas, and start? No need to think about the mess, updating your color supply or fear of the blank canvas, being alone with self-criticism. At my studio, in Helsinki, Finland, everything is waiting for you. Colors, brushes, crayons, pens, all the materials you could imagine at your finger tips. Added to this, there is support for your creativity, compassion for the challenges painting and as much technical guidance as you want (or none).

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Creativity coaching – for an increased ease getting your ideas out and working in the world

Do you know how sometimes you can spend days in a knot, just procrastinating getting to work? Or how, after getting your stuff out into the world, you sink into the abyss? Maybe you’re familiar with knowing that you have so much to offer, but you just. Can’t. Get. It. Out.

We’ve all been there. Creating can be the biggest challenge there is. Yet there are ways to ease up the process, to get to know your creativity, to understand how you work and find solutions that nourish you.


A link to an inspiring offer page is coming here soon, in the meantime, if you need coaching now, feel free to reach out below.


Creativity workshops – creating something together is a great way to get to know each other better

You work together, every week. Yet sometimes it feels like you barely have time to meet, with so much demanded of you. The work takes all you have, and still it feels like you should do more.

It’s not just you, these are the times we live in. Yet, something needs to be done, so there is energy to continue. Creating something together, without the need to perform or succeed, transports you into a place of shared experience. Painting can awaken feelings of wellbeing and give you and your team some much needed head space.

A link to an engaging offer page is coming here soon. However, if you long for a group coaching asap, feel free to reach out below.

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