Do you want to paint?

You feel the yearning. You want to paint. You are sensitive and you know that the space you paint in matters. In order to be able to concentrate and relax, you need peace, space and the knowing that you can be all that you are.

Maybe you have an idea; or a phenomenon that you want to explore; perhaps your fingers just miss the feeling of a brush and that sense of something new being born.

Yet as soon as you start to enjoy the impulse to paint, you may remember that you have an appointment in a few hours, maybe you need white paint and then there’s the new couch in the living room, that needs to be protected from paint spots…

Both preparations and cleaning up takes so much time


All the energy and excitement that you would like to use in your painting, easily goes to organizing and building the space.

It may be a challenge to even get to the canvas or to the paper. And then there is the challenge of beginning. If it’s been some time since you last painted, it’s the most natural thing in the world if beginning is fraught with self-criticism or heaviness. And if you are approaching painting for the first time, it may be difficult to know where to start.

Sometimes it may be frustrating that a dear activity like painting can be so difficult. Shouldn’t creating give more than it takes? Maybe you’ve tried different classes and workshops, as a way to get going. And, often it may be that when the classes end, you are left with a bunch of paintings waiting inside.

Perhaps you would like to paint what is waiting inside, knowing that you are surrounded by an accepting gaze, support and encouragement. You might even want to learn something about technique, if you knew that you can create in your own way, in an atmosphere where it is safe to be your open and feeling self.



You need a space where everything is waiting for you, where your senses can rest.



Marie sees and encounters each workshop member as an individual and guides them with warmth, according to their own starting point and goals. Through Marie’s gentle teaching and coaching I found a new level of creativity, a way of expression always more my own, a belief in making art and most of all the joy of art.


The Open Art Studio, for you who want to start painting now


Time: Wednesdays and Thursdays 10am to 4 pm. You can also paint a half day either in the morning 10am to 1 pm or in the afternoon 1pm to 4 pm.

Place: Crealife, Haapaniemenkatu 16 a, 00530 Helsinki, Finland.

Crealife is a small urban studio, with about 35 square meters of painting space, divided into two rooms.

The studio is on the basement level. At Crealife it is easy to get started, forget about time and forget about everyday life for a while.

You will receive support for your creating. These may include getting started, getting through different challenges in your creative process, for instance frustrations, inner critic issues or finding a good working rhythm. Technical guidance is also available. This may include using new colors, building and understanding your composition and finding the different options for making your idea visible.

It is good to know, that at Crealife all artmaking happens from the inside out. This means that you are always the authority of your artwork. Although I love the pieces of art that my clients make, I am not attached to a certain outcome or technique. I will always support you in bringing out your vision.

I believe that creativity flourishes in a safe and supportive atmosphere, where all feelings and experiences are welcomed as they are. Your needs define the content of my teaching and coaching.

You can come to the studio as you are, with or without an idea. You do not have to have any experience in painting. You only need to want to paint.

Having said that, many of my clients are also people with an artistic background. You are welcome as you are.

The studio is a good match for people who want to paint in a space where all materials are at hand. To paint in a supportive and warm atmosphere is a buoyant experience, little by little you notice that your critical thoughts  about your painting come less frequently and it’s easier to both get started, keep going and really enjoy what you are doing.

As you work with your painting, you may start to notice that a sense of spaciousness starts developing and you start to have a close relationship to what you are creating.

It is easy to order:


Book your studio day in Helsinki, Finland, by sending an e-mail to info [at] The Open Art Studio is open weekly Wednesday-Thursday 10-15, but you are welcome to inquire about other days too.



Pay for the studio in the web shop, by using the ordering buttons in the above list..


I will send you a welcome e-mail as soon as possible.


Cancellation: If you need to cancel the painting day, please contact me 24 hours before the day starts, at the latest and we will re-schedule.

This was wonderful, because I have never before done anything like this. Now I look at the painting at the wall and see: “That one is mine!”

Taru Eloranta