Below you can explore different ways to support your heart with the help of creativity, art and imagination.

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Creativity cards

How do you awaken creativity?

One of the best ways is to simply start to warm up the fun loving, playful imaginations of ours. In this deck of cards, my imaginary friends the tiger, the elephant and the giraffe goof about with their hearts on their… erm, sleeves. They ask questions, invite you to play and face the Unknown with paint brushes.

So if you feel a longing to come closer to your creativity and to tread lightly, the illustrations on these cards may help you. The cards also work really well in helping people get to know each other, deepen group discussions or give coaching clients hope.




Open art studio (in Helsinki, Finland.)

Sometimes, you just want to paint. It can be a strong urge, like a burning or a deep yearning inside.

Yet, before you get to painting, you need to wait until the house is empty, relocate your colors, clean the kitchen table and take on the white expanse of the painting surface. This is often no easy feat.

I offer open art studio painting days, at Crealife, where I paint.

When you arrive, you come to a space where creating happens every day. You can choose your own canvas, up to 80x60cm and use all the acrylic colors, water colors, pastels and other materials that are available. I will help you get started and should you want to, I am available for coaching and technique tips.

The cost of this is 95 € for the day and it includes a wide array of quality art materials. There are also bigger canvases for sale at the studio, if you long for something bigger. 🙂



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